Results of the annual Print Park forum 2019

So the fifth annual St. Petersburg forum of polygraphists “Print Park”was held. This year, the venue of the event was the St. Petersburg exhibition complex "Russia-My history".

Print Park is a unique industry platform where specialists can share their experience with students – future polygraphists, communicate with each other, inform each other about technology news, discuss them and brag about their own achievements. Naturally, the site is used as a demo hall for presenting new equipment, innovative technologies and materials.

The forum has been the largest industry business event for several years, bringing together employees of printing houses, suppliers of equipment and materials for printing companies and publishing houses, as well as specialists from other industries that indirectly influence the printing market. Our company decided to participate with a report, a stand, and the organization of AR zones with spectacular markers. And, as it turned out, not in vain.

Augmented reality is an obviously attractive marketing tool for print shop customers. It is no coincidence that one of the most popular activators for augmented reality is the marker. The marker can be any image and, of course, the image must have a medium, including a printed one. No matter where it is located - on the packaging, business card, or flyer - the point is always the same – the marker must be printed. This is a good motif for any printing house. To be able to offer this, you need to be aware of most of the available augmented reality technologies and have a reliable contractor who can make the project cost-effective. Therefore, the report of our colleague aroused genuine interest, and the hall was full to overflowing.

His performance caused a positive response – the crowded hall was filled with enthusiasm and audience curiosity. We were pleasantly surprised when some people informed us that they had come to our narrowly-themed performance. As a speaker, project manager Eric Newman delivered a report from Arvar. In a speech that was spontaneously prolonged beyond the time limit, he told what augmented reality works with, what types of activators and content there are, gave examples of successful and not very domestic and foreign AR projects, as well as predicted the development of this market, answered questions, and even managed to briefly reveal the company's mission to date.

Eric Newman - ARVAR Augmented reality Project Manager

After the speech, we spent a long time getting acquainted with representatives from different areas of printing, discussing ideas and the vast possibilities of AR. Still, even an hour is not enough to fully reveal the wide range of augmented reality technologies and their economically justified application. Communication continued at the stand. We met interesting people, discussed rational models of interaction, and have already started working with some of them.

In fact, we too were delighted with the quality of the event's organization, the interest of the specialists who visited the forum, and, of course, the space where it took place. It turned out that production workers are not retrogrades at all, measured by the tonnage of their own fleet of equipment and the leasing load pressing into the liquid floor of their enterprise, not at all. No one had to "agitate for the Soviet power" - for most of those with whom we talked, it is quite obvious that innovative consulting and the most comprehensive customer support, with all its problems, is a powerful tool for achieving customer loyalty to the enterprise. And most importantly, it is beneficial, first of all, to the final customer of the printing house, and therefore, ultimately, to itself.

It will not be excessive to thank the forum organizers once again on behalf of our entire company, for their hard work, perseverance, and for our success! Actually, this is how loyalty is built, which we discussed above. Become a tool for achieving success for your client and he is yours for many years to come…

Print Park”, we are with you!


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