AR fitting cosmetics from Sephora

There is a good reason why women almost do not buy cosmetics online. It is simple: without tactile contact, there is no clear understanding of whether you will like the color of lipstick, shade of Foundation, etc. This understanding is given only by direct fitting in the store. But now AR changing rules of trying on the cosmetics.

Sephora” decided to fight this incident and created its own augmented reality app called "Virtual Artist App". With this AR app, users can try on cosmetics without leaving their replica name brand watches homes and clearly understand how a particular cosmetics looks on their face.

In addition, users can see the effects of certain products after several months of use using augmented reality. This visual effect is not found https://www.hiltonheadvapes.com/product/hyde-retro-rave-disposable-5000-puffs-summer-luv/ even in a physical store.

Bridget Dolan, head of innovation at Sephora, initiated the use of augmented reality technology for Sephora's long-term marketing strategy.

Augmented reality can be a success if it is really useful to users. We didn't want any hype. We just needed a useful tool that would speak for itself, said Bridget.

AR fitting cosmetics based on the mobile app for “Sephora" is useful not only for end users. It encourages and increases sales for the company itself. With it, experienced users can record video blogs about the use of a particular product and share their experience with other users. Thus, they become brand ambassadors.


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