Augmented reality presentation for Jack Daniel’s anniversary

For its 150th anniversary, Jackdaniel's launched a promo project using augmented reality. This date only happens once. So it was worth applying something modern and really special. Choosing a company - presentation in augmented reality. What exactly did they do?

The AR Experience app from the Tactic Studio turned ordinary labels into picture books. When you point the camera at the JackDaniels bottle, the mini-installation is activated.

The image on the label goes beyond the edges, growing into reality in the form of pages of a black-and-white book. On them, we will read about the history of the brand's origin, see how distillation was carried out and all the stages of production. The illustrations have received the amount and places of the movement. Static exists along with 3D animation-small black-and-white cartoons in voice acting. Everything looks more solid and impressive than ever.

The "ARExperience" app is completely free: it is yours if you live in the United States and are over 21 years old.

The photorealistic version of the front label syncs with the position of the bottle. Any movement shifts or rotates patek philippe calatrava mens 40mm calatravawsl022 rose gold tone drawings, animations, and texts by the same degree. New angles reveal new details.

The scenario includes 3 stages of narration.

The first is dedicated to the production of whiskey: from the source of water and grain grinding to the manufacture of barrels, fermentation and distillation.

The second involves the viewer in the history of the old Lynchburg distillery in Tennessee-the birthplace of the brand.

And finally, the third stage is dedicated to Jack Daniels himself. He was voiced by a colorful male baritone. It organically merged click here and continued the authentic atmosphere of the good old American province.

To get a full-fledged presentation in augmented reality, one app is not enough. You need to buy a bottle of Jackdaniel's. After all, by pointing the camera at a label without a bottle, the viewer will only get a flat 2D presentation.

The presentation in augmented reality made it possible for the Jackdaniel's brand to please loyal customers, attract new ones, encourage competitors, and generally cause a wide response among the target audience.

In the right hands, augmented reality becomes a powerful marketing tool. Jack Daniel's presented one of the most striking cases using AR in the industry.


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