Coca-Cola and augmented reality technologies

Coca Cola actively uses augmented reality in the areas of B2C, B2B, as well as at its charity events. We can say that the company has almost fully mastered the augmented reality technologies in its business processes.   
For example, the company has created its own augmented reality app for agents who coordinate with stores the delivery of branded refrigerators for the drink of the same name.

The company's agents show how the equipment will fit into the overall interior of the store, and the store owner figures out where to put it and how to place it. Agents have access to a full catalog of equipment that they can demonstrate and make a presentation at any time and at any time.

In this interpretation, augmented reality technologies are already being used. We have seen this in the case of Ikea, and we have personal cases on the topic of placing heavy equipment without pre-purchase and delivery. Coca-Cola didn't stop there.

At the last world Cup Coca Cola has engaged people in its products using thematics and augmented reality. The company is a regular sponsor of football and a beautiful game, so it came up with a new way to attract fans and benefit from this event. Thanks to augmented reality, passers-by have a rare opportunity to play with swiss player Sherdan Shakimi, hit the ball and exchange gifts with the national star. Also, the people involved had the opportunity to take a photo with the star and immediately share it on social networks.

On the eve of the New year, Coca-Cola has set itself the task of developing content designed to evoke a real smile and create a new year's mood. The company has launched the app ”Magic Coca-Cola" with augmented reality, with which anyone on Earth can receive personal greetings from Santa Claus. Just point your smartphone camera at the company logo, wherever it is. This is a great new year gift for both children and adults!

The impressive flexibility of augmented reality shows us the incredible capabilities of this technology for a wide variety of brands around the world. We will continue to collect ideas from companies around the world so that you can get inspired. Who knows, maybe knowing all these cases and materials, you will find the strength to think through a strategy for your company using augmented reality.


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