Fitting clothes in AR format from Timberland

Augmented reality has given the world a new phenomenon: AR fitting. Most people find fitting clothes inconvenient, because it takes a lot of time. Who did not worry about it: tried it on, you need to get dressed again and choose something else, go back to the fitting room or drive around the sales floor… 

The large selection is confusing. And some are just too lazy to take off their clothes and shoes. And all this, of course, negatively affects sales. Statistics show that after fitting, they buy 7 times more often than those potential buyers who just browse the range. Obviously, fitting of the clothes is an important step in the process of making a purchasing decision.

How to involve people in this action, how to make the process fun and stress-free?! The Timberland brand has taken the relationship with the audience to a new level. She decided to apply augmented reality. In October 2014, Timberland first used a mobile app for fitting in AR mode. AR fitting works very simply. People don't even have to go to the store. You just walk up to an 80-inch monitor and your full-length avatar appears on the screen. Here you try on clothes and shoes from the Timberland brand catalog.

This approach gave an incredible result. People queued in droves just to use the AR fitting service, and many of them became customers. It should be noted that you can share the results of the virtual fitting on your Facebook page or via email. Timberland created unique value with an entertainment feed that increased sales. This is a new level of marketing. People are willing to share the results of an affordable fitting and, in fact, become brand advocates themselves.

Augmented reality can change the methods of traditional and digital marketing. People trust their loved ones and with the help of virtual fitting rooms, they can share a new image that causes a real Wow effect for the entire audience,” - says senior PR manager of Timberland, Jack Darkes.


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