Hector & Karger is a fashionable Polish brand of youth clothing, which was one of the first to use augmented reality for its promotion and increase sales growth.

The company successfully sells its aw 18/19 collection using augmented reality technology and the world's first interactive catalog. In collaboration with HTC, the company created an interactive " LookBook” a folder called "RE_ALITY".

How does it work ? A new collection from Polish designers was shown in the magazine Viva! Moda and any reader could simply point the rolex daytona 116518 rolex calibre 7750 mens hands and markers automatic camera at the model and see it live on any plane. On the table, on the floor, on the sofa.

You can view the model from all sides, zoom in and zoom out, and most importantly, buy it with one touch. Each element of the collection was photographed in a special installation with more than 80 cameras. The images were converted to 3D models and configured on the mobile app.

This is a strong push in the marketing world. People increasingly prefer to first familiarize themselves with the product before buying. But how can this be implemented without investing in logistics? Augmented reality is a revolutionary technology that not only increases sales and loyalty, but also reduces costs.

At the moment, such a huge market player as Lamoda is developing its own AR application to minimize delivery costs. Statistics show yooz startsets series 2 vape gradient blue that when the customer first gets acquainted with the product, the conversion to purchase increases up to 83%.

We will publish an article on Lamoda as soon as Their own app with AR technology is released. It will allow you to try on virtual clothes without leaving your home. By doing this, the company is going to reduce logistics costs and increase conversion to purchase.


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