Pizza in augmented reality: collect your pizza in the constructort

Each of us at least once ordered pizza with home delivery and was lost in the abundance of options. Yes! - unlimited choice is sometimes a problem. Or rather, it was a problem. Until Domino's Pizza came up with an innovation: pizza in augmented reality. Intrigued? …

Companies that keep up with the time are changing the format of information delivery in parallel and in accordance with dynamically transforming consumer requests. Some use creativity, while others try to minimize the range and thereby reduce costs. Others go even further and apply innovative technologies. It is about them that we will talk.


Domino’s Pizza decided to make customers "co-authors" of their dishes: it integrated augmented reality technology to allow them to choose their own ingredients. In fact, this is a recipe pizza constructor, where you act as a chef. But all this happens in an AR environment – you don't need to wash your hands before, and the dishes - after. Users can create their own pizza combinations by choosing the filling, dough, sauce, and all this accompanied by fascinating animation, with flames and sound effects.

To get this amazing experience, you need to download the official Domino's app, which is available in the App Store and Play Market. Но это не все! - But that's not all! - We are talking about a modern company. Domino's has also implemented the Driver Tracker system in the app, which allows you to track the status of the order, or to put it simply: follow the movement of the courier and be aware of the time remaining until delivery.

Innovation is important because it helps businesses grow and increase sales. We have always aspired to the status of an innovative company, so we actively monitor innovations and apply them in our business. At the moment, we receive an average of 2,000,000 orders a week using the app, so we simply have to make the online ordering process more attractive to users”- says the company's Director of strategic marketing, Allan Collins.


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