AR technologies in advertising: alcohol is on air again

The alcohol producers were a little discouraged when their ad was taken off television. The elaborate images and concepts went to the trash can. Label design and audio ads in grocery stores were all they could count on. Until recently. The world is changing, sometimes for the better. AR technologies - augmented reality technologies - came to the aid of manufacturers. Now alcohol is on the air again - only not on TV, but on a smartphone.

An idle customer just needs to point the camera at the label and he will see a colorful video presentation. She will talk about the drink and present it from the advantageous side.

The user is curious. Having seen augmented reality once, he will continue to choose a product with a smartphone in his hands. And very soon alcohol will disappear from his field of vision without augmented reality. Therefore, if you want to stay on the air for a long time, you need to be in the context of time. Order augmented reality for your brand.

The world knows many examples of successful promotion using augmented reality. And this is still a new, unusual, untapped advertising market. It is an almost uninhabited island, an unoccupied territory, a wide field for creativity and fertile soil for earning money.

How AR technologies are driving sales

It all starts with a regular label. To activate augmented reality on it, you need only two things:

  1. Marker - it is embedded in the image on the label. Moreover, there is no visual difference between a regular label and a labeled one.
  2.  Augmented reality app on your phone or tablet. One program recognizes many markers: the user does not have to install his AR application for each new label.

Augmented reality isn't just a sight to behold. Reviving, the image acquires movement, volume, voice. This is an opportunity to create a vivid, memorable environment in continuation of the corporate identity.

When a consumer buys beer with an AR label, he buys something more. Sometimes it is a beautiful and colorful scene or a small cartoon. Sometimes - a whole video course about the history and serving of the drink. It can also be a series of enchanting volumetric drawings and animations illustrating the production process.

There is always one drink. Pictures can be anything. And other things being equal, the consumer always chooses the one who is brighter, more interesting and bolder about himself.


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