How to increase sales: the experience of Russian companies

Let's talk about how to increase sales in the XXI century. To impress a potential customer-viewer, user, gamer, or buyer-you don't need to make a large-scale presentation. You do not need to spend money on renting premises and equipment. There is no point in hiring staff for the event. There is absolutely no need to involve logistics. All you need is to order an augmented reality app.

It is possible to increase sales of a product or service, increase traffic and popularity of a place almost immediately. This is shown by the experience of large companies. Today we will tell you about this experience in detail.

Task 1: increase sales of Flugel Beer

Solution: live label

The Flugel Beer brand is known for its original design labels. But now it is also known for augmented reality. Competitors were left far behind when the horned devil depicted on the label spoke to customers. Yes, we didn't just make a two-dimensional animation that runs on a marker on the label. We voiced it — and the beer found its soul.  

[caption id="attachment_1409" align="alignnone" width="640"]AR-этикетка для Flugel Beer AR-label for Flugel Beer[/caption]

The customer drinks beer, and leaves a bottle with a miracle label as a souvenir. Now it serves as an unobtrusive advertisement. This helps to significantly increase sales and highlight the brand in the market.

Task 2: promote new device on the market and increase sales

Solution: exact holographic copy in AR

Only a holographic copy can be better than a real unit. At least, if you need to demonstrate it to all potential customers. This task was set by Qiagen, a world leader in molecular diagnostics and biological research. The cost of her new device is described by a seven-digit number. Increasing the unit's sales is almost as difficult a task as it is.

[caption id="attachment_1410" align="alignnone" width="560"]Qiagen Qiagen[/caption]

ARVAR developed a mobile app with augmented reality, which recreated the device in all its details. Arvar modellers and designers made a photographic copy of the unit inside and out, drawing every detail. The result is a realistic 3D presentation with the effect of real placement. The whole world learned about the device, and sales of Qiagen went up.

Task 3: increase real estate sales

The solution: the apartment in the apartment

Finnish construction company Valeo has ordered a presentation of its new apartments in ARVAR. To improve Valo's sales, we created two virtual models — life-size and miniature. Augmented reality, as it were, took out images from the catalog and expanded them in volume, in all three dimensions.

[caption id="attachment_1411" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Апартаменты в дополненной реальности Apartments in augmented reality[/caption]

An exact holographic model with kitchen counters, tables, chairs, chandeliers, decoration — stood up to its full height in fairly large rooms. And the miniature fit everywhere: customers twisted and turned it as they liked and figured out the layout. Visibility and memorability have seriously increased the interest in Valo apartments. Augmented reality has helped the company establish and increase sales.

Task 4: increase sales of stores in the shopping complex

The solution: Panda-Navigator

The Kitay-Gorod shopping and entertainment complex has gathered more than five hundred shops, restaurants and other retail areas in one building. How not to get lost in such a territory? That's right — you need to use navigation in augmented reality. To increase the sales of the complex and its popularity, Kitay-Gorod ordered a three-dimensional dynamic model of the Panda guide from us.

[caption id="attachment_1412" align="alignnone" width="1400"]AR-панда в Китай-городе AR Panda in Chinatown[/caption]

Arvar modellers, designers, and programmers have created a navigation app that includes this cute panda bear from a marker on the floor. Along with the Panda, a list of stores pops up on the screen. Just click the name and the Panda will lead you to the right place. This app has become an extra reason for residents of St. Petersburg to visit the shopping complex. With its introduction, Kitay-Gorod sales have become even higher.

Demonstration in augmented reality makes any product stand out. This is a demonstration, a spectacle, and a mini-attraction in one package. Order augmented reality today to increase the sales — leave your competitors behind.


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