Business reviews of AR performance


We often talk about the possibilities of augmented reality technologies and companies about the possibilites of augmented reality technologies and companies that have used AR. In this article, we will provide their feedback on the experience of using augmented reality, its affectiveness, and their own impressions and forecasts about it.


First of all, we will pay attention to the Russian market. Here the sensational project was "Look, Dinosaurs!" from the Diksi grocery store chain. We have already discussed this case in our article, but were the specialists and management of this company satisfied? Judging by numerous information sources, quite!

In the test campaign, which was held from 28.08.2018 to 29.10.2018, the share of promotional products in receipts was almost 20%. The mobile app that was developed for this promotion was downloaded by more than 500,000 potential buyers. At the end of the promotion period, Diksi summed up the results: the growth of turnover during the event increased by 3 percent, and sales of sponsor products from 50 to 500 percent.

«We are very happy with the results of "Look, Dinosaurs!"». For the first time, we were able to really successfully hold an event aimed at increasing brand loyalty, using augmented reality technology. And, of course, we are happy that we gave amazing emotions to our clients and their children.

The number of people who participated in the promotion exceeded all expectations, and we will definitely strive to ensure that new promotions are just as interesting and exciting. — announced marketing Director I. Ramazanova.

Freygat Anderson

Now fast forward to the West and get acquainted with a unique work where art, augmented reality and… beer are intertwined.

Freygat Anderson Agency has developed a unique design for the packaging of beer from the local brewery "UP FRONT", based on illustrations by the famous US artist Stanley Donwood. But this is not all - with the help of augmented reality and a branded mobile app, users can "liven up” a reproduction of the work depicted on the screen.

“We designed three cans and integrated our own AR content for each of them. This design is a true work of art. In this way, we tried to engage potential consumers in the world of beauty. By animating each line, we created a truly unique live picture.

Of course, this method has borne fruit. Using the design from Stanley Donwood and augmented reality technology, the company increased sales by 23.7%” – said the creative Director of UP FRONT” Andrew Dang.


Cosmetics company Sephora uses augmented reality technology to allow potential customers to try on different types of makeup using their own product line.

In the brand app, you can adjust the shape of the eyes, the outline of the lips, the color of the cheeks and the contour of the face as a whole. After a virtual fitting, you can purchase your favorite product in the app with one touch.

“This is a powerful way to increase sales and give customers a really interesting way to try out new images, find a solution that is close to their personal perception, or hide shortcomings that prevent them from feeling comfortable. This solution has produced a real Wow effect on the market, and we are more than happy with the results of the project with augmented reality” – says Natalie Keitman, chief financial officer of Sephora.


We have seen how augmented reality is confidently entering the field of healthcare with the example of Philips and the national College Of London at St. Mary's hospital. This time, we will look at the exciting experience of using an AR app from medical students who are learning to interact with patients using augmented reality. The AccuVein private clinic has created an application that can deliver real-time information to the treatment area in critical situations for preliminary diagnosis and preparation of patient admission.  

“This is a portable device that can scan the patient's venous network, resulting in a 45% reduction in escalation. Our surgeons can plan the procedure in advance, even before performing the first incision. We are confident that augmented reality will change the world and many business models in the healthcare sector will undergo a radical transformation."- says the chief surgeon of the clinic.

Every year, augmented reality is established in a qualitatively new form. The idea of it drifts from a funny entertainment program to a serious industrial promotion tool. Every time AR makes a splash, and we are sometimes surprised at how inexhaustible potential it carries.


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