Company presentation in augmented reality: marketing of a modern times

The marketing promotion of goods and services requires uniqueness. With an original proposal, the presentation of the company is built easily and pleasantly. Innovative methods, machines and programs, new super-useful mobile apps are a great reason to get noticed.

But what should be the advertising presentation of a company with a unique offer? Delivery and transportation, construction materials, tools, food — all this is offered by thousands of companies around with approximately the same level of quality. How to build marketing promotion in such markets?

All other things being equal, the buyer chooses:

  • the one who is closer;
  • who's cheaper;
  • who did he / she find first;
  • who more brightly and clearly declared themselves.

Your marketing presentation should be the most interesting, the most vivid, visual and exciting.

Advertising presentation with augmented reality

The best way to express yourself now is to enable augmented reality. It makes a flat image three-dimensional, sets in motion the static characters, gives them a voice and temper. And most importantly, it puts you in a real physical space.


Augmented reality brings your ad presentation to life. It creates a feeling of almost tactile contact with the product. It immerses you in yourself, involving the user in your game. An augmented reality marketing presentation doesn't just tell you about yourself. It gives the user the impression of a new order. He associates this impression with your name and remembers it for a very long time.

Augmented reality: how it works

The technology puts any virtual object in the real world. It binds it to certain points in space. You can "put" the company's presentation on the table, attach it to the wall, or hang it from the ceiling. You can set the logo in motion on paper, voice the image with the story, give it volume and depth. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with an AR app.

Marketing presentations with augmented reality are already in full use abroad. They attract a lot of viewers, listeners, users, and buyers. In Russia, it is just beginning to develop. And the stronger the effect. Where almost no one uses augmented reality, your advertising presentation will definitely get attention.

Augmented reality advertising campaign: how we do it

Dynamic 2d and 3d models are launched using the marker on the image.

Depending on the theme and concept of the drawing / logo, the company's presentation may include:  

  • drawings and photos in volume;
  • video from nature;
  • cartoon stories;
  • all together.

Advertising campaign of the beer: labels come to life

Most recently, the Flugel Beer team ordered augmented reality for their designer labels from ARVAR. The characters on the labels - the heroes of cult films - have found life.When the camera is pointed, they speak by moving their heads and moving their lips. We gave movement to a flat image and voiced it.


Also, we created an interatcive label for jameson Irish whiskey bottles. It doesn't just communicate with the owner. It integrates a whole video course about the culture of serving and drinking this drink. This really captivated consumers. They watched the video almost 2,000 times, and sales of whiskey increased dramatically.

Augmented reality navigation: follow the white rabbit

Every time you get lost in the maze of corridors, staircases and halls, somewhere a white rabbit, which could not come to the rescue, cries. But now there is at least one large building in the world where he lives. This is the children's polyclinic No. 69 in Sestroretsk.

Navigation in the style of a white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland helps children and their parents find the right cabinet. At the same time, it entertains them and distracts them from the strict medical atmosphere. Just activate the image using the marker on the floor and follow the rabbit. Quite a voluminous rabbit will take you to the place, along the way giving advice and sharing fun observations. Fun and useful.

Shopping center navigation: Panda in augmented reality

In the Kitay Gorod shopping center in Saint Petersburg now lives a smart Panda. It is also enabled by the camera using a marker on the floor. It also comes to life and orients customers in a huge retail space. Point your smartphone camera at the center's logo and a cute Panda and a large list of stores will appear on the screen. Now click on the desired one and the Panda will guide you there.

AR-панда в Китай-городе

The Panda guide developed by ARVAR is both a marketing presentation of the complex and an independent "attraction" for visitors. So now people come just to look at it.  

Marketing presentation of the Qiagen device

Another example is the marketing presentation Of the QIAGEN laboratory diagnostics device. It is one of the leading companies in its industry, and it has ordered augmented reality from ARVAR. Thanks to our AR app, the whole world saw its new unit.

Arvar modelers and programmers made an exact holographic copy of the device with reference to the room. They recreated all the details inside and out. The device can be bypassed, viewed from all sides, and even pass through.

Thus, multimedia digital technologies make it possible to present any product, any service in a profitable and bright way. Augmented reality is both the product itself and its advertising. And even if your offer is not unique, it will become so with ARVAR. Contact us!

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