Heinz: a recipe book in augmented reality

On top of the Heinz Ketchup label, there is a whole book of recipes in augmented reality that can be used.
Heinz ran a 12-week advertising campaign using augmented reality technology. As part of Heinz's own app, customers were given the opportunity to view the author's cookbook from Heinz Tomato Ketchup by pointing the smartphone or tablet camera at the product label. A book of recipes in augmented reality!

The app was completely free and was available in both the App Store and Play Market. In addition to the interactive listing, you could save your favorite recipe in PDF format, as well as view video instructions on the official Heinz Facebook page.

All of this was accompanied by fascinating animation, as if a fairy-tale book opens only to you. Looking at the photos and videos below, we can only say one thing: Heinz has created really exciting and high-quality content for their advertising campaign.

This ad campaign was part of the "Secret ingredient” marketing plan, which aims to inspire people to use tomato ketchup as a essential culinary ingredient.

Heinz has made history as the first sauce manufacturer to use augmented reality. It was an interesting experience that exceeded the expectations of the company's skeptical marketers. By the end of the 12th week, the company received about 530000 site views and 170,000 unique visitors who used augmented reality, who used recipes that were read from the product label on average three times each. 

After these results, Heinz decided to increase the budget from 3% to 15% for the introduction of modern technologies, in particular augmented reality in the marketing plan for the next 3 years. Based on this, you can safely declare the success of an advertising campaign using augmented reality. The company not only attracted new customers, but also reliably strengthened the positive attitude to the brand from regular customers.


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