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AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) IN ACTION! THE MOST INTERESTING PROJECTS OF THE PAST 2018. An increasing number of companies are using augmented reality to establish their economic positions in the real world, in completely different areas of the economy. AR technologies are rapidly expanding into new markets, from retail to healthcare. You can't call it fun for fun anymore. The development and integration of AR applications allows businesses to use the marketing budget much more effectively. The development of the technical capabilities of electronic devices and their increasing speed has made augmented reality accessible to a wide audience, and now the visibility, spectacular visual techniques and viral potential of AR applications can increase the return on investment in brand development not by a percentage, but by a multiple. But let's look at the most unexpected exama that created not just a wow-effect and a General, albeit mass," excitement " of the ether, but really brought benefits, found application in solving everyday issues of everyday life and comfort, in education, social work and security. Thanks to the introduction of augmented reality, when solving business problems, consumer loyalty to the brand and product has increased, contact time with the product has increased, efficiency has increased during briefings and training, and after interacting with augmented reality, customers are ready to pay more for a product with AR. Retail: Lowe's chain of construction stores Lowe's is among the top 10 innovative companies in the United States in 2018. The company sells household goods that facilitate the solution of everyday issues to its existing regular customers, and offers them to potential customers. First of all, the company was focused on solving one fairly neglected problem: the network, every year, lost about $ 70 billion due to the fact that potential customers could not decide and choose the moment to start home improvement. Clients feel a clear need for an emotional catalyst, because they simply can't imagine what kind of result they are waiting for. With the advent and spread of spectacular augmented reality applications, and the increasing popularization of augmented reality technologies, the company immediately began developing an AR-based project that was designed to solve this problem. Give consumers a picture, a vision of the future that will bring their activity and more decisive actions for improvement and improvement of comfort in everyday life. The project “Holoroom How to AR” was released, which allows clients to learn basic skills of independent work in the conditions of immersion in AR/VR space. With the help of ”Holoroom How to AR", as well as the VR controller, customers received appropriate instructions and the opportunity to learn some finishing work, and most importantly-to see the real result. The company's research has shown that people remember 40% more information after completing AR training. 9 out of 10 clients said that after AR training, they became more confident in their skills in the real world. The company did not stop there and released its own application based on augmented reality technology, which allows you to turn any smartphone into a virtual roulette for measuring the distance or size of an object. Also, this application generates three-dimensional models of the company's products to visualize the type of potential purchase, directly at the home of a potential buyer. The company's research showed that customers who used AR to visualize the company's products bought the product 2 times more often than those who did not. Real estate: JJL'S 3D portfolio Jones Lang La Salle provides real estate brokerage services, as well as management, consulting and financing in these matters. At the disposal of JJL’S nearly 300 corporate offices, operates in 80 countries around the world. The heads of the company came to a firm decision to use augmented reality for 3D visualization of real estate objects at a scale of 1: 1. This solution allows for individual customization of the finish. In simple terms, using the augmented reality app from JJL'S, potential customers can not only get to know objects ”live", but also pre-change the interior and decoration of the room. For example: wallpapers, blinds, furniture, windows, etc. The company's Goal is to create the world's largest real estate portfolio, accompanied by AR support. Health. London National College of surgery at hospital of St. Mary's Magdalen? The London National College of surgery at hospital of St. Mary's Magdalen is one of the first medical institutions to use augmented reality for healthcare purposes in an effort to help surgeons improve their performance. The consultants demonstrated how surgeons can use AR for operations on patients who have undergone reconstructive operations on the lower extremities. This was made possible by augmented reality, when interacting with a hologram of a real part of the body. Augmented reality technology overlays it with a CT scan image that indicates the location of the body's bones and blood vessels. When patients suffer tissue damage or have open wounds resulting from a car accident or other injury, surgeons are tasked with performing reconstruction. They, using flaps of tissue (including skin and blood vessels) taken from other parts of the patient's body, are able to cover the wound, create conditions for healing the injury. It is extremely important to connect the blood vessels of the transplanted tissue with the blood vessels in the damaged area. The traditional approach is to use a hand-held ultrasound scanner to determine the location of blood vessels based on blood pulsation, but this approach only allows you to determine the approximate location. Augmented reality provides a more accurate and faster way to search for blood vessels, allowing surgeons to essentially see through a limb. According to the results of the study, the use of augmented reality technologies can reduce the time that a patient spends under anesthesia, reduce the likelihood of error or eliminate it. Pharmaceuticals: C4X Discovery molecule visualizer Founded at the University of Manchester, C4XD is one of the largest companies in the world that specializes in drug research and development. At the core of the advanced innovative technologies that C4XD uses is augmented reality. Traditionally, drug manufacturers have worked with static models. But, in early 2018, the company started using its own AR (augmented reality) tool to help scientists imagine the structure of complex molecules, from the inside out. Augmented reality allows scientists to go inside the molecule, see how it functions and reacts to stimuli. C4XD pharmaceutical chemist Andrew Novak couldn't hide his delight: "Augmented reality brought a stunning effect to my vision - suddenly, molecules became part of my world, and I was able to manipulate them in space, at arm's length…". According to the company, the use of augmented reality technologies will reduce the number of errors and significantly reduce the multi-year cycle of drug development. This will allow C4XD specialists to develop and discover new medicines and medical products faster and more accurately. ...

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How to increase sales in the XXI century: the experience of Russian companies

Let's talk about how to increase sales in the XXI century. To impress a potential customer-viewer, user, gamer, or buyer-you don't need to make a large-scale presentation. You do not need to spend money on renting premises and equipment. There is no point in hiring staff for the event. There is absolutely no need to involve logistics. All you need is to order an augmented reality app. It is possible to increase sales of a product or service, increase traffic and popularity of a place almost immediately. This is shown by the experience of large companies. Today we will tell you about this experience in detail. Task 1: increase sales of Flugel Beer Solution: live label The Flugel Beer brand is known for its original design labels. But now it is also known for augmented reality. Competitors were left far behind when the horned devil depicted on the label spoke to customers. Yes, we didn't just make a two-dimensional animation that runs on a marker on the label. We voiced it — and the beer found its soul.   [caption id="attachment_1409" align="alignnone" width="640"] AR-label for Flugel Beer[/caption] The customer drinks beer, and leaves a bottle with a miracle label as a souvenir. Now it serves as an unobtrusive advertisement. This helps to significantly increase sales and highlight the brand in the market. Task 2: promote new device on the market and increase sales Solution: exact holographic copy in AR Only a holographic copy can be better than a real unit. At least, if you need to demonstrate it to all potential customers. This task was set by Qiagen, a world leader in molecular diagnostics and biological research. The cost of her new device is described by a seven-digit number. Increasing the unit's sales is almost as difficult a task as it is. [caption id="attachment_1410" align="alignnone" width="560"] Qiagen[/caption] ARVAR developed a mobile app with augmented reality, which recreated the device in all its details. Arvar modellers and designers made a photographic copy of the unit inside and out, drawing every detail. The result is a realistic 3D presentation with the effect of real placement. The whole world learned about the device, and sales of Qiagen went up. Task 3: increase real estate sales The solution: the apartment in the apartment Finnish construction company Valeo has ordered a presentation of its new apartments in ARVAR. To improve Valo's sales, we created two virtual models — life-size and miniature. Augmented reality, as it were, took out images from the catalog and expanded them in volume, in all three dimensions. [caption id="attachment_1411" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Apartments in augmented reality[/caption] An exact holographic model with kitchen counters, tables, chairs, chandeliers, decoration — stood up to its full height in fairly large rooms. And the miniature fit everywhere: customers twisted and turned it as they liked and figured out the layout. Visibility and memorability have seriously increased the interest in Valo apartments. Augmented reality has helped the company establish and increase sales. Task 4: increase sales of stores in the shopping complex The solution: Panda-Navigator The Kitay-Gorod shopping and entertainment complex has gathered more than five hundred shops, restaurants and other retail areas in one building. How not to get lost in such a territory? That's right — you need to use navigation in augmented reality. To increase the sales of the complex and its popularity, Kitay-Gorod ordered a three-dimensional dynamic model of the Panda guide from us. [caption id="attachment_1412" align="alignnone" width="1400"] AR Panda in Chinatown[/caption] Arvar modellers, designers, and programmers have created a navigation app that includes this cute panda bear from a marker on the floor. Along with the Panda, a list of stores pops up on the screen. Just click the name and the Panda will lead you to the right place. This app has become an extra reason for residents of St. Petersburg to visit the shopping complex. With its introduction, Kitay-Gorod sales have become even higher. Demonstration in augmented reality makes any product stand out. This is a demonstration, a spectacle, and a mini-attraction in one package. Order augmented reality today to increase the sales — leave your competitors behind. ...

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Augmented Reality 2020: Best Mobile Apps

Today, smartphone users have access to a wide variety of augmented reality applications — for leisure, for navigation, for work and for solving everyday problems. So it's time to talk about the best AR apps of 2020. Here's what you can download and try out right now. Just a Line  [caption id="attachment_1383" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Just a Line[/caption] A new Google Doodle game has arrived. Now we do not draw in Notepad, but immediately in the real world. The Just a Line app lets you draw in augmented reality, take photos and videos with a new image, and send them to your friends. Finish drawing your world. All you need is a smartphone, a finger, and imagination. Download Just a Line: Android, iOS Google Lens [caption id="attachment_1384" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Google Lens[/caption] Google Lens is the latest incarnation of the Google Goggles concept. This is a giant search engine that uses the power of an entire cloud server to recognize texts, images, objects, and places that the camera is pointed at. Point your smartphone camera at any object — a street, a house, a monument, a fountain, or an item of clothing in a store — and Google Lens will tell you everything you wanted to know about it. The app is available in a separate version on Android, and is also embedded in "Google Photos" on Android and IPhone. Download Google Lens: Android Google Maps [caption id="attachment_1385" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Google Maps[/caption] The new version of Google Maps is a more pragmatic augmented reality app. Just turn on AR mode and your smartphone will be your guide anywhere. The intuitive AR app will help you find your way in a big city, complementing reality with signs and arrows superimposed on regular Google panoramas. Download Google Maps: Android, iOS Civilizations AR [caption id="attachment_1386" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Civilizations AR[/caption] The BBC Сivilizations AR app is an interactive sequel to the series of the same name. Here we can see more than thirty artifacts from different eras and civilizations. Thanks to augmented reality, you can hold ancient treasures in your hands and view them from all sides. Each artifact is presented in three dimensions with a circular view. See through artifacts, read and listen to stories about them, and discover ancient secrets of their origin and use. Download Civilizations AR: Android, iOS Quiver [caption id="attachment_1387" align="alignnone" width="640"] Quiver AR[/caption] Augmented reality apps are also available for children. Quiver is a virtual coloring book and probably one of the best children's AR apps. Here the colors come to life. On quivervision.com a large set of images is available: children will have something to paint and who to paint. Cartoon characters, animals, educational pictures and landscapes — everything you color and print will come to life in full, in augmented reality mode.  Download Quiver: Android, iOS Inkhunter [caption id="attachment_1388" align="alignnone" width="620"] Inkhunter[/caption] Inkhunter is a unique augmented reality app for those who want to get a tattoo. Try on a tattoo before you apply it. Select a drawing, draw a marker on the body and point your smartphone camera at it. Inkhunter overlays the image, and you can rotate, move, zoom, and change it in detail - until it finally suits you. Choose from the many drawings in the app itself or upload your own. With Inchunter you will definitely not regret your future tattoo. Download InkHunter: Android, iOS YouCam Makeup [caption id="attachment_1389" align="alignnone" width="648"] YouCam Makeup[/caption] YouCam Makeup — your pocket stylist. An augmented reality selfie camera turns your smartphone into a beauty salon. You can choose and try out lipstick, eyeliner and other make-up from the brands L'oreal, Maybelline and Urban Decay. The app also has social network features: you can share your new image with friends, follow other users, explore and buy tried-and-tested accessories. Download YouCam Makeup: Android, iOS Euclidean Skies [caption id="attachment_1390" align="alignnone" width="2436"] Euclidean Skies[/caption] Euclidean Skies is the only paid app in our review, but we couldn't avoid it. This amazing puzzle game is a combination of the impossible worlds of Escher and Rubik's cube. Here you are a guide to help the adventurer overcome his enemies. To do this, you need not only to move in the playing field, but also to move this field: rotate it and move it. The game has an augmented reality mode: you can place a large, colorful, fancy playing field right in your room. Download Euclidean Skies: iOS These are not all mobile applications with augmented reality that are available today. Follow our publications — there is still a lot of interesting things ahead. ...

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Newest augmented reality games

Augmented reality has become a new stage in the evolution of video games. It brought with it a whole series of new concepts and formats. Games with augmented reality even more excite the imagination of gamers. Fantastic characters come to your home, sit next to you, take photos and videos with you.  You play chess with them, fence with swords, solve puzzles, or just have a nice conversation in real time. You literally build your worlds — air, water, ice realms in the real physical world. Don't you believe it? We present you the latest augmented reality games that will be available tomorrow. Minecraft Earth The new game announced by Microsoft has already been released in beta. Here you are an architect and a Builder in one person. You build a virtual building from blocks, and then put it on your Desk. Or on the floor. In the backyard, in the country, in the sandbox — anywhere. Choose any style, play with colors, shapes, volumes, and scale freely. Take a picture at the entrance to your mansion. Build a miniature city and become a Gulliver in it. Play alone or invite your friends. Download Minecraft Earth beta-version for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mojang.minecraftearth Young Conker This new installment of the Conker game series is designed for the innovative HoloLens mixed reality system — a new generation of gaming computers after the Xbox and PlayStation. [caption id="attachment_1372" align="alignnone" width="633"] Young Conker[/caption] Gamers have known Conker for more than 20 years, a nimble curious squirrel under their control runs and jumps over obstacles, collects different things, defeating villains along the way. In the new version, the rodent is still drawn, but it overcomes quite real obstacles. Whatever room you are in, the HoloLens system scans it and turns it into a playing field. [caption id="attachment_1376" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Young Conker[/caption] Conker jumps on sofas, tables, chairs, bookshelves, ironing boards; runs on walls, on the ceiling, and even a little in the air. Special attention should be paid to the processing of space. Coming close to the edge, the squirrel seems to lose its balance and cheerfully imitates vertigo. Download Young  Conker: https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/p/young-conker/9nblggh5ggk1?activetab=pivot:overviewtab Fragments Another game for the HoloLens system is arranged in a similar way. However, the action-packed thriller "Fragments" offers a harsher concept. Here you are a detective who solves crimes. The story in this thriller game is told in the first person. And the crime scene is the room you're in. You will have to unravel a tangle of secrets, riddles and puzzles and finally find the criminal. The answers are sometimes hidden behind the sofa, under the carpet - but the evidence can be found in the closet under the linen, and in the bed under the mattress. You restore events based on found artifacts and fragments of memories. In the same room with you are the characters of the game: they look real, recognize you, respond to your movements, gestures, and voice, and generally interact with space in a very realistic way. Play alone or with friends. [caption id="attachment_1378" align="alignnone" width="1001"] Fragments[/caption] Download Fragments: https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/p/fragments/9nblggh5ggm8?activetab=pivot:overviewtab Developers have always been looking for new ways to attract gamers. Over the years, they have shaped the standards of visual realism by creating photographically accurate models of people, animals, cars, and planes. The most advanced games offer an alternative reality in 3D format, with a circular view of objects and landscapes, a complex dynamic system of chiaroscuro, glare and reflections. Quantity has changed to quality: now the virtual object fits seamlessly into the real physical world. ...

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#AR в искусстве

Augmented reality in art

With the advent of smartphones, people have become less likely to visit museums, concerts and exhibitions. Having easy access to all the world art, people have become more legible. To return visitors, creators compete even more in entertainment, technology, complexity of their masterpieces. So there is augmented reality in the museum, in the concert hall, on excursions. Augmented reality in the museum: live paintings and sculptures The museums of different countries of the world have already started using augmented reality and it paid off. Even those who are not interested in the arts and willing to go out of the house. They want to see how statues and sculptural groups come to life, how the characters of paintings come off the canvases, how landscapes and backgrounds move. For example, the national museum in Krakow "livened up" several particularly interesting paintings. Paintings depicting historical figures, dedicated to bright memorable events, were as if "filmed". Museum employees hired actors and artists, attracted props and costumes, and prepared several historical scenes. So the famous characters of the paintings found a second life on the screens of smartphones. The Isabella Stewart Museum in Boston once missed several Rembrandt paintings. The theft was never solved, but the museum elegantly got out of the situation. In the halls and galleries of the museum hung empty frames for the missing paintings. Point your smartphone with the AR app at them and you will see the lost masterpieces. The exhibition complex "City panorama" in Kazan presented a historical installation of augmented reality. Here you can meet Catherine the second, meet Emelyan Pugachev and other colorful characters of the past. In Saint Petersburg, the exhibition of the Lenfilm studio museum has been expanded with virtual models of exhibits. Among them - a huge diamond that would not physically fit in the hall, exquisite weapons and other interesting items. Augmented reality on excursions An augmented reality excursion is a other kind of beauty. Depending on the complexity of the application and the idea, the device takes you back for a hundreds of years. Or a supposed future, or a fantasy reality. Today on the AR tour «Moscow. Time travel» by the team RetroFuturo you can distinctly see what Moscow looked like 100, 200, 500 years ago. A futuristic tour "Moscow that never existed" shows what the capital would look like if the city had once approved bold architectural projects. By combining the capabilities of neural networks and AR technologies, you can animate monuments and create animated AR sketches inside and around historical buildings. Imagine a Bronze Horseman descending from a plinth and galloping across the Senate Square. Or Peter the Great, who walks along the English Embankment with Menshikov in the entourage of St. Petersburg in the XVIII century. Augmented reality at a concert Popular music Current rock concerts rarely take place without visual accompaniment. At the very least, the impression is enhanced by the original design video sequence in the background. Often musicians arrange large-scale theatrical shows and even circus performances. Augmented reality makes the show as vivid and memorable as possible. For example, in 2018, at the opening of the annual League of Legends World Championship, live artists of the Korean pop group (G)IDLE met virtual characters of the game on the stage. A spectacular, colorful and dynamic concert with augmented reality, the developer company Riot Games has ordered to demonstrate four new skins of the game. Classical music Academic music was not left out as well. Sparkling notes flying off the scores and hovering over the musicians, Opera actors interacting with historical figures on the stage. Dancing Mozart, conducting Bach-the scope for imagination is huge. For example, in February 2020, the Music Hall hosted one of the first concerts of academic music in augmented reality. A live Symphony orchestra played Vivaldi's music, and a large-format multimedia show with augmented reality recreated the Baroque and classical eras. So people return to museums, theaters, and concert halls. Multimedia technologies that once took away their live audience will now drag it back. ...

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#AR в шоу-индустрии

Augmented reality is transforming the show industry

The entertainment industry is changing rapidly. Any new multimedia technology immediately becomes the asset of designers, directors, producers, music video makers, developers. And the shows surprise the audience with a new level of realism, entertainment, persuasiveness and perfection. Augmented reality technologies have stirred up the entertainment industry. They opened up a whole world of new opportunities for theater, cinema, art exhibitions and installations; for all sorts of quests, attractions; for any audiovisual art. How exactly augmented reality is changing the show industry? Is it able to leave in the past already mastered technologies and change the industry forever? Let's talk about this in detail, based on the best international experience. Here's how it works in real life:              Real animals are replaced by virtual ones In 2016, the Hungarian canoe Federation celebrated its 75th anniversary on a Grand scale. The Federation's management set a task to impress visitors with an unprecedented brightness, and they turned to the possibilities of augmented reality technologies. Large-format AR screens with 3D animated photos of whales, walruses, dolphins and other inhabitants of the underwater world were installed near the real tank of the pool. Dolphin in augmented reality Animated water and photographic replicas of animals placed in real locations give a sense of extreme shocking realism. Visitors seemed to plunge into the ocean of impressions and were able to admire up close the beautiful whales, walruses, play with dolphins and penguins. The celebration took place in the heart of Budapest and lasted for a month. Thus, augmented reality technologies already make possible such formats as: the dolphinarium without dolphins;oceanarium without sharks, killer whales, walruses, belugas and other marine life;circus performances without wild animals. Transferring communication with animals from a real format to a virtual one greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of the show. It also makes it humane and safe: animals stop suffering in cramped and stressful conditions, and all hygiene problems are eliminated. Disappear expenses for: catching and involuntary torture of animals,their delivery and rigging,placement and content,security and insurance payments,training and other related activities. In return, the cost of creating augmented reality applications and installations will be included in the estimate: once created, they will delight visitors for many years.              The theatre and the cinema converge Another impressive example of augmented reality is a project recently developed for Universal CityWalk in Orlando. This area is a kind of outdoor shopping and entertainment complex. Universal CityWalk in Orlando, United States In two months, one of the most spectacular and exciting AR products was created, which plunged visitors into the world of Universal movies. Three-dimensional augmented reality consisted of three parts: scenes in the style of natural science documentaries;scenes in the fantasy genre;science fiction stories. The product gives a full sense of presence in the story and for a few minutes "settles" the audience in the film. You turn into one of the characters in the center of events. A similar scenario was implemented by BBC World. Promoting its new documentary series «Frozen planet», BBC World has commissioned an impressive augmented reality project to launch in three US cities at once. The product recreated the brightest scenes of the series in 3D format and "invited" the audience to them. The simultaneous launch in new York, Chicago and San Francisco attracted a huge audience. And each launch of the project was broadcast live, online, giving an additional viral effect.            Actors on a new background Augmented reality has also affected the theater arts. It is enough to mention the immersive theater, where the audience is in the center of the action, and not in the auditorium. But even leaving the audience in the auditorium and the actors on stage, augmented reality is still changing the theater industry. The fact is that creating an imaginary object in real locations is not the only function of augmented reality. It also has the opposite effect: fictional landscapes for real actors. AR technology allows you to play unlimited scenery and backgrounds. Leaving the actors on stage and the audience in the audience, augmented reality can put the characters in any location-real and fantastic. The ship, the sea, the mountain landscape, the balcony of a country house, the ancient Roman amphitheater, the Martian landscape, the locations of a spaceship — even in a theater with AR, all this looks equally realistic as in a good movie. Classical and modern performances, theatrical shows, performances of Opera and rock stars with augmented reality are impressive and memorable on a completely new level. ...

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#AR образование

Augmented reality as a training tool

Augmented reality and digital video technologies open a new chapter in the world of education. Studying biology, physics, chemistry, natural science and other Sciences will become much more interesting in the future. Today we will tell you about the most impressive examples of using augmented reality in education. These examples prove that AR products can become a full-fledged educational tool-bright, intuitive, fun and clear as never before. The international IT company INDE — one of the pioneers of the global augmented reality market — constantly produces applications and prepares spectacular AR installations around the world. Today's review includes the most interesting educational events of recent years, which have found the use of augmented reality technologies. "Autopsy of a dinosaur" in Shanghai Global Creative, in collaboration with the National Geographic channel and the University of Hong Kong, has commissioned a travel exhibition based on augmented reality technologies. The theme of the event was inspired by the blockbuster documentary "Dino Autopsy". The exhibition combined customizable dinosaur models in AR for iOS and Android, with an augmented reality installation "Back to the Jurassic period" (for large-format screens). The app clearly demonstrated scientific information about extinct creatures in 3D format, and the broadcaster product from INDE made it possible to interact with realistic life-size models of dinosaurs. The exhibition was called "All about T-Rex / T-Rex Revealed". There were no real models of dinosaurs. Only augmented reality technologies were used-they immersed visitors in the world of dinosaurs to leave vivid memories for a long time. The event attracted 150,000 people on the opening day alone and successfully toured more than ten cities in China. Air, land and sea in Toronto This interactive installation was commissioned by the Toronto Zoo. The exhibition was aimed at the audience of young zoo visitors to attract their attention — it served as a visual training material. Hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Toronto Zoo were able to get up close with three-dimensional wild animals from all over the world — from Africa to the Arctic. Animals grazed grass, drank water, and interacted with their surroundings. And visitors could take photos with them and share photos on social networks. networks. Opening of the natural history Museum in Prairie Fire, Kansas In the spring of 2014, a new natural history Museum opened its doors in Kansas, designed as a cultural and educational leisure center for people of all ages. The institution officially cooperates with the Manhattan Museum of natural history, which confirms its high status. In honor of its opening, the Museum team commissioned an interactive 3D augmented reality installation with dinosaurs. The product is fascinating and clearly illustrated the history of the largest creatures that have ever inhabited the Earth. The company has created an exciting augmented reality installation with touch screen technology. Visitors were asked to create their own unique dinosaur by answering interesting questions about animals. When the survey was over, visitors could get a fascinating experience of " communicating” with their own newly created dinosaur. Walking with dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight In 2013, for the release of "Walking with dinosaurs", BBC Worldwide and XX Century Fox commissioned INDE a dynamic story in the augmented reality genre. The new app gave viewers the opportunity to see dinosaurs on their smartphones, in special locations on the British Isle of Wight. In 2013, for the release of "Walking with dinosaurs", BBC Worldwide and XX Century Fox commissioned INDE a dynamic story in the augmented reality genre. The new app gave viewers the opportunity to see dinosaurs on their smartphones, in special locations on the British Isle of Wight. The app gained popularity and triggered a big TV PR campaign for the brands "Walking with dinosaurs" and"Come to the Isle of Wight!". It still acts as a permanent attraction of the island, working almost without material props - only on perfectly authentic AR-landscapes with gigantic authentic AR-monsters. This, augmented reality technologies make the educational process exciting, clear and memorable, turning it into an exciting game. A game that promotes itself, through its own enthusiastic participants, who are happy to share the emotions of meeting with new knowledge and impressions. Learning becomes contagiously lively and is popularized through word of mouth in online communities. ...

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Results of the annual Print Park forum 2019

So the fifth annual St. Petersburg forum of polygraphists “Print Park”was held. This year, the venue of the event was the St. Petersburg exhibition complex "Russia-My history". ...

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Printing with augmented reality: innovations in the field of printing

The annual printing forum Print Park has established itself as the most visited and significant in the field of printing production. This year, together with the organizers of Print Park, we will conduct an introductory course on the current topic: "printing with augmented reality".This course will be presented by our staff, who will speak at the forum as speakers. We will give you a completely new look at how ordinary printing can become a new starting point in the world of innovation. As part of the course" Printing with augmented reality", we will present real cases, tell you how and with what this technology works, and most importantly, tell you how you can and should use augmented reality. The report will also include information about how we learned to print on completely new materials, through long-term tests in our modern laboratory. This has never happened anywhere before. We are waiting for you on the forum, support our aspiration! Print Park 2019 forum will be held in Saint Petersburg on may 21 at the address: St. Petersburg, 32 Basseynaya street, building 1. IEC "RUSSIA - MY STORY". Registration for participation as a guest is completely free. You can register here. ...

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#AR Недвижимость


AUGMENTED REALITY IN REAL ESTATE When purchasing a product that has not yet been produced, the consumer experiences stress and doubts. The inability to touch, see, or taste the product is a significant obstacle to buying :) Another thing is when you have a visual 3d visualization of the object in front of your eyes. It allows you to see a house that has not yet been built, get used to it, consult with knowledgeable and interested people, and finally imagine yourself as its owner, at least virtually. ...

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#Отзывы об AR


BUSINESS REVIEWS ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) APPLICATIONS We often talk about the possibilities of augmented reality technologies and companies about the possibilites of augmented reality technologies and companies that have used AR. In this article, we will provide their feedback on the experience of using augmented reality, its affectiveness, and their own impressions and forecasts about it.  Diksi First of all, we will pay attention to the Russian market. Here the sensational project was "Look, Dinosaurs!" from the Diksi grocery store chain. We have already discussed this case in our article, but were the specialists and management of this company satisfied? Judging by numerous information sources, quite! In the test campaign, which was held from 28.08.2018 to 29.10.2018, the share of promotional products in receipts was almost 20%. The mobile app that was developed for this promotion was downloaded by more than 500,000 potential buyers. At the end of the promotion period, Diksi summed up the results: the growth of turnover during the event increased by 3 percent, and sales of sponsor products from 50 to 500 percent. «We are very happy with the results of "Look, Dinosaurs!"». For the first time, we were able to really successfully hold an event aimed at increasing brand loyalty, using augmented reality technology. And, of course, we are happy that we gave amazing emotions to our clients and their children. The number of people who participated in the promotion exceeded all expectations, and we will definitely strive to ensure that new promotions are just as interesting and exciting. — announced marketing Director I. Ramazanova. Freygat Anderson Now fast forward to the West and get acquainted with a unique work where art, augmented reality and… beer are intertwined. Freygat Anderson Agency has developed a unique design for the packaging of beer from the local brewery "UP FRONT", based on illustrations by the famous US artist Stanley Donwood. But this is not all - with the help of augmented reality and a branded mobile app, users can "liven up” a reproduction of the work depicted on the screen. “We designed three cans and integrated our own AR content for each of them. This design is a true work of art. In this way, we tried to engage potential consumers in the world of beauty. By animating each line, we created a truly unique live picture. Of course, this method has borne fruit. Using the design from Stanley Donwood and augmented reality technology, the company increased sales by 23.7%” – said the creative Director of UP FRONT” Andrew Dang. Sephora Cosmetics company Sephora uses augmented reality technology to allow potential customers to try on different types of makeup using their own product line. In the brand app, you can adjust the shape of the eyes, the outline of the lips, the color of the cheeks and the contour of the face as a whole. After a virtual fitting, you can purchase your favorite product in the app with one touch. “This is a powerful way to increase sales and give customers a really interesting way to try out new images, find a solution that is close to their personal perception, or hide shortcomings that prevent them from feeling comfortable. This solution has produced a real Wow effect on the market, and we are more than happy with the results of the project with augmented reality” – says Natalie Keitman, chief financial officer of Sephora. AccuVein We have seen how augmented reality is confidently entering the field of healthcare with the example of Philips and the national College Of London at St. Mary's hospital. This time, we will look at the exciting experience of using an AR app from medical students who are learning to interact with patients using augmented reality. The AccuVein private clinic has created an application that can deliver real-time information to the treatment area in critical situations for preliminary diagnosis and preparation of patient admission.   “This is a portable device that can scan the patient's venous network, resulting in a 45% reduction in escalation. Our surgeons can plan the procedure in advance, even before performing the first incision. We are confident that augmented reality will change the world and many business models in the healthcare sector will undergo a radical transformation."- says the chief surgeon of the clinic. Every year, augmented reality is established in a qualitatively new form. The idea of it drifts from a funny entertainment program to a serious industrial promotion tool. Every time AR makes a splash, and we are sometimes surprised at how inexhaustible potential it carries. ...

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Company presentation in augmented reality: marketing of a modern times

The marketing promotion of goods and services requires uniqueness. With an original proposal, the presentation of the company is built easily and pleasantly. Innovative methods, machines and programs, new super-useful mobile apps are a great reason to get noticed. But what should be the advertising presentation of a company with a unique offer? Delivery and transportation, construction materials, tools, food — all this is offered by thousands of companies around with approximately the same level of quality. How to build marketing promotion in such markets? All other things being equal, the buyer chooses: the one who is closer; who's cheaper; who did he / she find first; who more brightly and clearly declared themselves. Your marketing presentation should be the most interesting, the most vivid, visual and exciting. Advertising presentation with augmented reality The best way to express yourself now is to enable augmented reality. It makes a flat image three-dimensional, sets in motion the static characters, gives them a voice and temper. And most importantly, it puts you in a real physical space.   Augmented reality brings your ad presentation to life. It creates a feeling of almost tactile contact with the product. It immerses you in yourself, involving the user in your game. An augmented reality marketing presentation doesn't just tell you about yourself. It gives the user the impression of a new order. He associates this impression with your name and remembers it for a very long time. Augmented reality: how it works The technology puts any virtual object in the real world. It binds it to certain points in space. You can "put" the company's presentation on the table, attach it to the wall, or hang it from the ceiling. You can set the logo in motion on paper, voice the image with the story, give it volume and depth. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with an AR app. Marketing presentations with augmented reality are already in full use abroad. They attract a lot of viewers, listeners, users, and buyers. In Russia, it is just beginning to develop. And the stronger the effect. Where almost no one uses augmented reality, your advertising presentation will definitely get attention. Augmented reality advertising campaign: how we do it Dynamic 2d and 3d models are launched using the marker on the image. Depending on the theme and concept of the drawing / logo, the company's presentation may include:   drawings and photos in volume; video from nature; cartoon stories; all together. Advertising campaign of the beer: labels come to life Most recently, the Flugel Beer team ordered augmented reality for their designer labels from ARVAR. The characters on the labels - the heroes of cult films - have found life.When the camera is pointed, they speak by moving their heads and moving their lips. We gave movement to a flat image and voiced it.   Also, we created an interatcive label for jameson Irish whiskey bottles. It doesn't just communicate with the owner. It integrates a whole video course about the culture of serving and drinking this drink. This really captivated consumers. They watched the video almost 2,000 times, and sales of whiskey increased dramatically. Augmented reality navigation: follow the white rabbit Every time you get lost in the maze of corridors, staircases and halls, somewhere a white rabbit, which could not come to the rescue, cries. But now there is at least one large building in the world where he lives. This is the children's polyclinic No. 69 in Sestroretsk. Navigation in the style of a white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland helps children and their parents find the right cabinet. At the same time, it entertains them and distracts them from the strict medical atmosphere. Just activate the image using the marker on the floor and follow the rabbit. Quite a voluminous rabbit will take you to the place, along the way giving advice and sharing fun observations. Fun and useful. Shopping center navigation: Panda in augmented reality In the Kitay Gorod shopping center in Saint Petersburg now lives a smart Panda. It is also enabled by the camera using a marker on the floor. It also comes to life and orients customers in a huge retail space. Point your smartphone camera at the center's logo and a cute Panda and a large list of stores will appear on the screen. Now click on the desired one and the Panda will guide you there. The Panda guide developed by ARVAR is both a marketing presentation of the complex and an independent "attraction" for visitors. So now people come just to look at it.   Marketing presentation of the Qiagen device Another example is the marketing presentation Of the QIAGEN laboratory diagnostics device. It is one of the leading companies in its industry, and it has ordered augmented reality from ARVAR. Thanks to our AR app, the whole world saw its new unit. Arvar modelers and programmers made an exact holographic copy of the device with reference to the room. They recreated all the details inside and out. The device can be bypassed, viewed from all sides, and even pass through. Thus, multimedia digital technologies make it possible to present any product, any service in a profitable and bright way. Augmented reality is both the product itself and its advertising. And even if your offer is not unique, it will become so with ARVAR. Contact us! Subscribe to our instagram, VK и telegram channel to be the first to learn the news of the augmented reality world. ...

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#AR этикетки на алкоголь

AR technologies in advertising: alcohol is on air again

The alcohol producers were a little discouraged when their ad was taken off television. The elaborate images and concepts went to the trash can. Label design and audio ads in grocery stores were all they could count on. Until recently. The world is changing, sometimes for the better. AR technologies - augmented reality technologies - came to the aid of manufacturers. Now alcohol is on the air again - only not on TV, but on a smartphone. An idle customer just needs to point the camera at the label and he will see a colorful video presentation. She will talk about the drink and present it from the advantageous side. The user is curious. Having seen augmented reality once, he will continue to choose a product with a smartphone in his hands. And very soon alcohol will disappear from his field of vision without augmented reality. Therefore, if you want to stay on the air for a long time, you need to be in the context of time. Order augmented reality for your brand. The world knows many examples of successful promotion using augmented reality. And this is still a new, unusual, untapped advertising market. It is an almost uninhabited island, an unoccupied territory, a wide field for creativity and fertile soil for earning money. How AR technologies are driving sales It all starts with a regular label. To activate augmented reality on it, you need only two things: Marker - it is embedded in the image on the label. Moreover, there is no visual difference between a regular label and a labeled one.  Augmented reality app on your phone or tablet. One program recognizes many markers: the user does not have to install his AR application for each new label. Augmented reality isn't just a sight to behold. Reviving, the image acquires movement, volume, voice. This is an opportunity to create a vivid, memorable environment in continuation of the corporate identity. When a consumer buys beer with an AR label, he buys something more. Sometimes it is a beautiful and colorful scene or a small cartoon. Sometimes - a whole video course about the history and serving of the drink. It can also be a series of enchanting volumetric drawings and animations illustrating the production process. There is always one drink. Pictures can be anything. And other things being equal, the consumer always chooses the one who is brighter, more interesting and bolder about himself. ...

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Statistics of the AR technology

STATISTICS OF AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) TECHNOLOGY WHICH WILL PLUNGE YOU INTO SHOCK Many believe that augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are the same technology package. In fact, they are completely different technologies and have their own markets. At the moment, augmented reality is developing faster, thanks to a combination of virtual and real world, as well as marketing opportunities. AR brings more profit to private companies, due to which the value of the technology increases many times. Let's look at statistics in numbers to fully understand the growing popularity of AR among commercial companies that actively promote their products or services: By 2020, more than 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) AR users are expected.In 2019, there are approximately 540 companies that use this technology for their products and services. We presented some of them in the cases section.Indicators of the forecast of the profit market with the help of augmented reality reach 61.39 billion dollars. It should be noted that in 2016, this figure was only 2.39 billion dollars. It is expected that the revenue of companies that use augmented reality will grow 4 times more by 2020. More precisely, in total, AR will bring commercial companies a profit of $150 billion.According to Infolio Research, by 2023, the augmented reality market for games will generate a profit of $ 284.93 billion. Recall that the game Pokémon Go has been downloaded 750 million times, and its revenue is estimated at more than $ 1.2 billion.According to a survey by ISACA, 73% of Americans said they are familiar with AR and have used the technology in a particular application more than once. In Russia, this figure is about 38%, but the market is growing rapidly.The results of a similar survey showed that approximately 60-70% of consumers see unique advantages in using augmented reality in everyday life and even at work. In everyday life, these technologies can greatly help people, for example, in shopping. This is the opinion of 62% of respondents. The same number of respondents considered that augmented reality can be applied in medicine. Not all people are aware of the real possibilities of augmented reality. Therefore, if you are interested in how you can use AR for your business, you can leave a request. Our Manager will contact you at a convenient time and answer all your questions. Our team develops not only AR, but also ideas that will help you achieve your goals more effectively and create a real WOW on the market. ...

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