Converse: an augmented reality app for trying on shoes

Famous Shoe manufacturer Converse has created an augmented reality app, allowing customers to enjoy fitting without leaving home.

In the modern world, having a huge choice only complicates our lives. On the example of most online stores, we can easily see this. Customers want to choose what they are looking for and do it quickly.

Using innovative technologies in the form of augmented reality, Converse not only solved the pain of customers, but also reduced the sales funnel. Fans of this brand can now try on shoes using augmented reality without leaving home. Just download the branded augmented reality app, go to the catalog and open the camera on your smartphone or tablet. This not only solves the problem of taming the sales funnel and time costs, it is a huge step in customer loyalty to retail businesses.

We have seen this with an example IKEA and we see it now. Giving customers the opportunity to view, touch, or use a product, product, or service before purchasing is one of the most effective ways to gain customer loyalty and increase sales conversion. Also, by allowing you to visualize the product before purchase, the company minimizes the risk of returning purchases, as AR (augmented reality) helps customers make more informed and informed decisions.

Augmented reality allows you not only to show the product, but also to place quite familiar UI elements on the screen, such as the “Buy” or “Go to store" buttons. You can place promotions, presentations, and ad blocks. Thus, we understand the really huge potential of augmented reality.

AR is an exciting technology that is becoming increasingly popular in the retail business. Previously, augmented reality could only be used by giants, but now it is also available in small businesses. There is competition in the market, and the cost of development becomes more affordable. But are there many professionals in this business? Unfortunately not much. Those who mastered AR first have a huge experience and maximum opportunities in implementation. Creating augmented reality is only half the battle. We need a strategy that will allow AR to become a tool for increasing sales, rather than an end result. This is the real goal of augmented reality.

Our ARVAR team always refocuses customers who want to use AR as, as they say, "HA-HA HEE-HEE”. If you use this technology only as entertainment, despite the potential, you can say that it was only a fleeting moment of glory of augmented reality. We use all our resources and resources to create a real tool in the form of augmented reality, which is aimed at increasing sales.this is a real business. If you still don't know how to use AR for your business, contact us and we will help you with this. You can also take a look at the other cases and get inspired by the ideas of completely different companies in their fields of activity.


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