Augmented reality and pokemon

A new round of activity that gave hope to the successful future of AR technology occurred in 2016 with the release of the game Pokemon Go. It was the first widely known augmented reality in the world.

Almost all of us have heard about Pokemon Go. It was a sensation, as if the world had gone mad. The game made a lot of noise and hype around it. Crowds of people ran through the streets in search of the cherished pokemon, arranged quests and flash mobs. Those who hadn't heard of the game just didn't understand what was going on.

Pokemon Go wasn't the first game to use augmented reality technology. But it was the first AR game to become so widely known.

The game combined an old idea with a new augmented reality technology, and it had an incredible effect. This clever trick made the game insanely popular. To be fair, the trick worked, and we all witnessed the result of a mix of creative thinking, a great idea, and augmented reality technology.

All this proves the opinion of our team. Augmented reality is not the end result, but a great tool in the right hands. Thanks to augmented reality, you can get huge results in the promotion of almost any product or service.

You may find it hard to believe, but Pokemon go monetized their project and received $ 120 billion in turnover. It was pokemon that made augmented reality widely known and popular. Previously, companies such as Google and Apple invested heavily in AR, but now little-known companies have joined them.

Augmented reality is currently in the same state as online video 20 years ago. Then you had to wait forever for the sent video to reach you via email.

Augmented reality has a drawback: there is no unified platform and interaction experience. Only now we can observe a couple of AR-browsers like our "Open access" application.

Augmented reality is not a completely new trend, but thanks to Pokemon Go, the world has seen its huge potential. This is a big step into the future. Augmented reality helps us see things as part of our everyday world. Perhaps thanks to augmented reality, we will even be able to touch these things one day. Who knows !?…


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