Take a look at how companies in various fields are already using AR to actively increase sales


Pizza constructor in augmented reality format

Each of us at least once ordered pizza with home delivery and was lost in the abundance of options. Yes! - unlimited choice is sometimes a problem. Or rather, it was a problem. Until Domino's Pizza came up with an innovation: pizza in augmented reality. Intrigued? … ...

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Candy from childhood with augmented reality — PEZ

Who would have thought that a pastry shop that is about 100 years old could be at the forefront of ar technology?! PEZ is a pastry from Austria, presented in a playful dispenser with the heads of cartoon characters or historical figures. Augmented reality technologies are now their new feature. ...

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Fitting clothes in AR format from Timberland

Augmented reality has given the world a new phenomenon: AR fitting. Most people find fitting clothes inconvenient, because it takes a lot of time. Who did not worry about it: tried it on, you need to get dressed again and choose something else, go back to the fitting room or drive around the sales floor…  ...

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Gatwick navigation with augmented reality

It can be difficult to navigate at the airport. Large distances between the terminals, the huge rooms, the same type of layout. Normal navigation at the airport is not suitable: the space is too large. We need augmented reality. So decided at the time the management of Gatwick airport in London. And here's what came out of it. ...

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The range of clothing of the streets from Lacoste, in AR format

AR fitting of clothes and shoes is an absolute trend in the industry. The famous luxury sportswear brand Lacoste was founded by French tennis player Rene Lacoste in 1933. The American press gave Rene the nickname "crocodile" for his reptilian confidence and fortitude on the court. Subsequently, the crocodile became the logo of his company. In 2018, Lacoste launched a new line of streetwear called "LCST". ...

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Manufacturing parts using augmented reality

No less than in entertainment, augmented reality applications are used in production. When implemented correctly, they speed up and facilitate communication and simplify work operations. How exactly? As an example, let's take the company Boeing - one of the leaders in the global aviation industry. Their operators put on ar glasses with an ar app - and something changed. ...

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Choosing a location using augmented reality

What, unfortunately, is a common story - you take a ticket in the gallery or in the second row of the balcony, and only by Seating with a companion in the seats you understand – you will not see the performance… Now it's in the past: thank you AR. ...

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Learning anatomy in AR format with Virtuali-Tee

Ed Barton and Ben Kidd have always been passionate about exploring and using modern technology. Their main ambition is to create products that inspire other people to learn. But lately, for ed and Ben, it was anatomy that became the science they decided to focus on. ...

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Try on cosmetics using augmented reality

There is a good reason why women almost do not buy cosmetics online. It is simple: without tactile contact, there is no clear understanding of whether you will like the color of lipstick, shade of Foundation, etc. This understanding is given only by direct fitting in the store. But now AR changing rules of trying on the cosmetics. ...

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Jack Daniel's anniversary gift in AR format

For its 150th anniversary, Jackdaniel's launched a promo project using augmented reality. This date only happens once. So it was worth applying something modern and really special. Choosing a company - presentation in augmented reality. What exactly did they do? ...

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The buyer and the product - break the distance c Qiagen

There is no company that, working with large-sized and expensive products, would not be faced with the need to demonstrate them. This involves a considerable waste of time, nerves and money. Dismantling/installation, transportation, connection, presentation of certificates of guarantees, technical specs etc. are only part of the worries that accompany participation in exhibitions, presentations and other similar events. And who would have thought that augmented reality technologies could solve this urgent problem. ...

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#Jameson AR

Video course of correct serving of whiskey in AR format

Jameson Augmented reality label-this order ARVAR received from the French alcohol company Pernod Ricard. The company also presents and distributes popular alcoholic beverages-Malibu, Chivas Regal, Ararat, Lillet, Kahlua, Absolut Vodka, Becherovka, Jameson and others. In November 2018, Pernod Ricard ordered augmented reality for us. The task was interesting: to turn a simple label into a ten-minute video for the Jameson brand. ...

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A virtual catalog of clothes from Hector & Karger

Hector & Karger is a fashionable Polish brand of youth clothing, which was one of the first to use augmented reality for its promotion and increase sales growth....

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Fitting shoes with the help of AR from the company Converse

Famous Shoe manufacturer Converse has created an augmented reality app, allowing customers to enjoy fitting without leaving home....

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Dixie livened up the dinosaurs and made good money

The Dixie retail chain raised revenue on augmented reality. How did this happen? The hero of the new article is probably the most successful AR app of 2018 in Russia. ...

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Augmented reality will save mankind

The future is already here. AR technology is used in medicine no less than in marketing. Philips introduces new augmented reality surgical navigation technology. ...

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Charity event from Coca-Cola and WWF

Coca Cola actively uses augmented reality in the areas of B2C, B2B, as well as at its charity events. We can say that the company has almost fully mastered the augmented reality technologies in its business processes.   ...

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Heinz recipes right on the ketchup label

On top of the Heinz Ketchup label, there is a whole book of recipes in augmented reality that can be used....

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How augmented reality helped Pokemon Go

A new round of activity that gave hope to the successful future of AR technology occurred in 2016 with the release of the game Pokemon Go. It was the first widely known augmented reality in the world. ...

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Touch the BMW Z4 with AR

A new AR app from BMW has given motorists the opportunity to virtually touch a new car. Meet: Z4 cabriolet in augmented reality....

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Visualize the buyer's dream – IKEA can

IKEA was one of the first companies that figured out how to take benefits from augmented reality. The 2014 furniture catalog worked not only as a catalog itself, but also as an AR tag. ...

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