Airport navigation: augmented reality will show you the way

It can be difficult to navigate at the airport. Large distances between the terminals, the huge rooms, the same type of layout. Normal navigation at the airport is not suitable: the space is too large. We need augmented reality. So decided at the time the management of Gatwick airport in London. And here's what came out of it.

Augmented reality at Gatwick: how it works

The solution was implemented in 2017. Gatwick has released an AR app for easy airport navigation and time calculation. And in the first two months alone, the app was installed 50,000 times.

The AR app directs passengers to the appropriate gates, baggage carousels, and check-in counters. Everything is thought out bv rolex datejust 116203cdj rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens automatic in it to the smallest detail. To find a way out, just point the camera at the place where you are. Pointers integrated into the user's environment will appear on the screen.

The AR app allows passengers to optimally plan their time. It informs you of departure times and possible flight delays. The app sets the time for rest, taking into account all the formalities: baggage registration, flight check-in, Parking reservations, food orders. The program correlates this data with your location. You won't have to worry: she will warn you when it's time to go on Board, and "guides" to the point of departure.

Innovative airport navigation: in theory, everything sounds amazing. But how exactly does augmented reality help passengers? And how-to increase the popularity of Gatwick? To promote the brand of the air Harbor has helped three key factors:

  • Passenger peace of mind
  • Strong impressions from a new experience
  • Wow-effect

In the era of high technology, life is getting faster. Give people a solution that will simplify their lives and ease their eternal routine, and they will stay with you forever. The augmented reality app in navigation was appreciated by everyone. Gatwick was awarded in the Mobile innovation of the year and Mobile app of the year categories.

The decision from Gatwick reassured passengers. Now they are not afraid to get lost in the maze of terminals and miss their flight. All the basic information my website is always before your eyes. Not on the main airport board, not at the check-in counters, not at the taxi stop. And right in your smartphone.

And yet, despite the obvious advantages of AR applications, they are used inexcusably rarely. Take advantage of the inertia of your competitors. Order augmented reality from us: make a solid leap forward.


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