Augmented reality technologies: making hard things easy

There is no company that, working with large-sized and expensive products, would not be faced with the need to demonstrate them. This involves a considerable waste of time, nerves and money. Dismantling/installation, transportation, connection, presentation of certificates of guarantees, technical specs etc. are only part of the worries that accompany participation in exhibitions, presentations and other similar events. And who would have thought that augmented reality technologies could solve this urgent problem.

Okay, if this work is led by a strong brand that can provide infrastructure that eliminates the risk of losses, and if the business is run by a remote branch? How can this professional seller organize a Grand exit to a partner, potential investor or official, how can he finally replica womens rolex datejust 116243mdj rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens two tone provide "protection from the fool" and his unpredictable actions? After all, his profession is "correct" (productive) customer relationships and engineering support, not rigging.

In order not to waste time and money on a "delicate move", you can use augmented reality technologies. Even companies with a developed showroom find it expedient to make a 3D duplicate of their own equipment for its operational use "at the place of demand". Having received this innovative tool, over time, they discover new ways to use it: intelligently place it on their own Internet resources, present it to Resellers, distribute tokens to potential customers using viral technologies or

We offer you one of the best examples of using AR (augmented reality) technologies.


Qiagen develops and manufactures professional medical equipment and supplies for molecular diagnostics, as well as scientific research in the pharmaceutical field. The Dutch holding company Qiagen N.V. includes more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide. One of the largest among them operates in Moscow.

In February 2019, the Moscow branch of Qiagen holding contacted us with a problem that could and should have been solved only with the use of augmented reality. Some models of equipment supplied by Qiagen weigh hundreds of kilograms. It is not difficult to guess that it is troublesome and expensive to hold a presentation of such equipment. Given the fact that the holding's potential clients are medical institutions all over the world, we are confident that the local branch covered part of its expenses for the AR project, and may have earned money by transferring the work we performed to related branches in other countries. In any case, we (during production) provided for the possibility of changing the language of comments to the nodes and details of the presented equipment.

To get acquainted with the capabilities of the equipment, it is not enough to watch a video and a couple of photos. Even if you try hard, there is another significant problem. The buyer must understand the dimensions of the device to think through the logistics of shipment and allocate the corresponding space in the office where you want operate with it, and at last experience the working of the device available, even before its actual purchase. Those who have been successfully selling for a long time know what they are talking about.

After negotiations, we came to the decision that it is necessary to conduct 3D-modeling and integrate the equipment into augmented reality, so that potential customers can get acquainted with the presentation at a scale of 1:1. And most importantly, they can do it anywhere on our planet and neighboring planets where there is Internet. As a test work, a model called QiagenSymphony was implemented. It is hardly necessary to go into the details of the capabilities of this model. For those who are really interested in this information, we give a direct link: ссылку: https://www.qiagen.com/us/shop/sequencing/genereadngssystem-qisymphonysp/#orderinginformation

Actually, this is how this smart hardware looks live

Since the base office is located in Saint Petersburg, our specialists went to Moscow to conduct 3D scanning and study all the details. The work was divided into 3 stages. The first stage included 3D modeling, the second stage was devoted to animation, and the conclusion was the integration of content into the atvs prime jednorazowe vape 800 puffs truskawkowy lod corresponding augmented reality application and testing its operation. A month later, we received a result that can not fail to please. By the way, to view the hardware on a scale of 1:1, you need to download the Open access" app and go to the “Hardware" section. You can do it in person, right now… To look at the model in a more compact size, we used a marker in the form of a front image of the device itself.

On April 4, the presentation of the QiagenSymphony model took place in Moscow, which caused a positive reaction among potential customers and colleagues of Qiagen, as well as an alarming response among competitors (: the Client received a really high-quality model-a symbiosis of perfect equipment and modern innovative 3D technologies, in the format of augmented reality with multilingual text support, on a scale of 1:1.

With the help of augmented reality, Qiagen solved the problems that the holding faced during negotiations on the presentation and sale of valuable (effective), and therefore expensive equipment.


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