AR arena: choosing a place at StubHub stadium

What, unfortunately, is a common story - you take a ticket in the gallery or in the second row of the balcony, and only by Seating with a companion in the seats you understand – you will not see the performance… Now it's in the past: thank you AR.

One gets the impression that the theater administration has never been interested in what it is like to watch the spectacle from these places and why the most persistent of the audience watch the entire performance standing up. Or they run to the empty seats in the stalls.

Oddly enough, the AR technology described below was used by the administration of the stadium's management company.buy cheap replica watches online india By definition, there is no such problem. And yet, the concern for the bulk of the participants of the spectacular event – its audience-is alive.

Augmented reality (AR) allows users to viziulize the space with new images, objects, and rooms and interact with them in the future. All this helps people in choosing and making decisions. It doesn't even matter if it's about choosing a lipstick or investing in the space industry…

Here we will talk about a special case-the choice of seats on the stand of the StubHub studium. Specifically, about the use of AR in the online sale of tickets for a sports match.

The super Bowl LII stub Hub stadium management company has developed its own branded app based on augmented reality technology. The app allows the ticket buyer to imagine their location and intended appearance in relation to the virtual venue of the event. At the same time, the angle of the review in all details and from the exact place that it assumes to purchase. This allows the potential buyer to visualize the plan of the object even before buying a ticket, minimize the risk of purchasing an unsuitable seat and avoid the accompanying disappointment. - act with confidence.

As the technical Director of “Stub Hub", Matt Swann noted:alexander mcqueen 4511 unisex fashionable casual shoes

With augmented reality technology, we have solved real problems, not created technology for entertainment. For many, AR has become a great help, helping in the rational choice of location and its use has become everyday. We received a real increase in profit from the use of this development and increased the attendance of our stadium. People make an informed choice and plan their attendance from the beginning to the end of a particular match.


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