T-shirts with augmented reality. Learning anatomy in AR format with Virtuali-Tee

Ed Barton and Ben Kidd have always been passionate about exploring and using modern technology. Their main ambition is to create products that inspire other people to learn. But lately, for ed and Ben, it was anatomy that became the science they decided to focus on.

We love how complex our bodies are, ed says. “It's amazing what exists inside of us and it's just incredibly interesting."

What is Virtuali-Tee?

In simple terms, this is an augmented reality t-shirt that includes animated content in the form of human organs. The digital chest opens the way for us to explore the body using augmented reality. This is a mixture of play and learning, where participants get the opportunity to engage in anatomical research, moving to the microscopic level, traveling through parts of the body and learning the key factors of our body's life.

The app of the same name based on augmented reality is available in the Play Market and App Store and is very successfully gs patek philippe grand complications 5204p 010 mens 42mm silver tone automatic downloaded in proportion to sales of these t-shirts.

Virtuali-Tee was designed to reach a young audience and the use of augmented reality has worked effectively for this purpose. This inspires and engages young children, they are very interested in the process of learning anatomy.

Needless to say, the reaction from both the target audience and their parents was extremely positive!? Virtuali-Tee t-shirts became the best-selling in their category on Amazon in 2017.


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