There are dinosaurs in Dixie: how an ar app raises sales

The Dixie retail chain raised revenue on augmented reality. How did this happen? The hero of the new article is probably the most successful AR app of 2018 in Russia.

AR app for Dixie: the action with the dinosaurs

At the end of summer 2018, the Dixie supermarket chain launched a promo campaign "Look, dinosaurs in Dixie!". By downloading the mobile AR app, customers could see real dinosaurs in supermarkets. Or almost real ones. The spectacle was so unusual and convincing that in two months - exactly how long the campaign lasted - the ar app was downloaded by half a million people.

The promotion was primarily aimed at promoting two hundred product names. To become a member, the buyer had to purchase something from this list and get a chip with the image of a particular dinosaur. To bring it to life within the walls of a supermarket, it was enough to do just two simple things: download the AR app "Look, dinosaurs in Dixie" and point the camera at the image. The dinosaur came to life and began to swagger around the store.

And what is the result?

As a result, the share of target products in receipts was 17%. At the end of the campaign, the company recorded an impressive result. The turnover of the entire network increased by more than 3%, and sales of partner products increased by 50 to 500%. The organizers even had to re-order lots of albums with markers-activators of augmented reality.

The management of the network is satisfied. For the first time, it held a loyalty campaign with the use of modern multimedia technologies, and its result exceeded the wildest expectations. The experiment was successful, and in the future, the Dixie retail chain is planning new promotions with augmented reality.

Augmented reality is an interesting approach and, most importantly, accessible. Almost everyone has a smartphone. Unlike virtual reality, you don't need special glasses or gadgets. Everything is very easy to understand and apply.I downloaded the app, opened it, and pointed the camera at the image. A miracle, and only that. - shares her impressions marketing Director Irina Ramazanova.

As the example shows, augmented reality is just a marketing tool. In the right hands, with a well-developed concept, this tool increases sales, attracts visitors, viewers, users; raises sales, increases turnover. Be like Dixie-order augmented reality today.


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